Our Team

John S. Lindemann

For over twenty-five years, John has provided underwriting, coverage and claims counsel to insurers regarding complex risks and high-severity losses.  Read more

Dale T. Miller

For more than twenty-five years, Dale has represented insurers and reinsurers in coverage matters, including litigation, arbitration and the analysis of complex claims.  Read more

Freya K. Bowen

Freya Bowen has over 20 years’ experience as a commercial litigation and arbitration attorney. For the past 11 years she has focused on insurance coverage under GL, D&O, professional lines, and other classes of coverage.  Read more

Jeff Bowen

Jeff Bowen joined Lindemann Miller Bowen in January 2023, working from Madison, Wisconsin. Prior to joining this insurer-side firm, Jeff represented insureds in complex claims under all types of policies for more than thirteen years, with a particular focus on professional, directors and officers, and general liability policies.   Read more

Richard J. Siebert

For over twenty-five years, Rich has served insurers nationwide as coverage, claims, and trial counsel.  Read more

Michael A. Kuiken

For over fifteen years, Mike Kuiken has concentrated his practice in the areas of excess and primary insurance coverage, commercial litigation, construction litigation, and products liability.  Read more

Chalisa Sims

Chalisa is an associate attorney with experience as an insurance coverage litigator.  Read more

Kacy Gurewitz

Kacy is an associate attorney representing insurers and reinsurers.  Read more

Jennifer Joy, Ph.D.

Jennifer is a non-attorney specialist with a Ph.D. in psychology.  Read more

Sara Augustine

Sara is a Chemistry Analyst with a master’s degree in organic chemistry.  Read more

Nathan Leners

Nathan is an Engineer Analyst with a degree in Aerospace Engineer.  Read more

Christy L. Huffman

Christy is an Aeronautical Analyst with a B.S. in Astrophysics and M.L.S. in Indigenous Peoples Law.  Read more

Connie M. Patrick

Connie is the executive assistant to Firm Leadership and office manager.