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We place a premium on listening. We seek to understand each client’s legal issues in the broader context of its strategic objectives. We provide practical solutions in a timely fashion that support those objectives.


We strive to find the most direct path to resolving disputes and closing transactions, looking for creative solutions to yield efficiency and expediency in each assignment.


We use business process automation and other advanced information technologies to help us build collaborative, accountable relationships with each client. Our tools and training enable our professionals to be as functional from a client’s office or distant conference room as from each team member’s own office.


We use leading US-based third-party service providers for all of our communications and data storage. These providers, including Microsoft and, utilize enterprise-grade security protocols. Our users employ 2-factor authentication, strong-passwords, and other tools and procedures to protect data in our possession. We instruct new employees in our firm’s security standards and procedures and periodically renew their training, emphasizing the requirement for every employee to remain vigilant at all times.


Coverage issues need not become coverage disputes. Coverage disputes need not become contentious or litigated. We understand that our clients and our adversaries are commercial partners, and we are sensitive to that relationship and our clients’ commercial reputation. We zealously represent our clients to protect their interests and, in doing so, judiciously and effectively apply our robust litigation skills in the adversarial context. We seek to resolve issues quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal business disruption.