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Lindemann Miller Bowen welcomes employment inquiries from highly skilled attorneys and staff who are committed to the firm’s core principles, discussed below.

Please submit inquiries to [email protected]


We are committed to an experientially diverse and inclusive work environment that supports the recruitment, retention and advancement of attorneys and staff based on merit, without regard to gender, age, ethnicity, skin color, sexual preference, religious affiliation or physical disability. Our goal is to make hiring, retention and promotion decisions based solely on the performance and character of the individual. We are fundamentally committed to a working environment that promotes the dignity of and respect for every individual associated with or served by this firm.


We strive to provide a working environment that facilitates success for clients, lawyers and staff. We rely on our core values — integrity, competency, and respect — to achieve success. All good law firms possess integrity and competency, so let’s talk about respect. We believe that every person who works here is entitled to respect every day, not for the case they won this week or for how much money they made this year, but because they are human beings and our colleagues. This promotes a work environment where people are less stressed, happier and better able to focus on serving our clients.


We want you to decide how much you work and where you work. If you want to work long hours, we welcome your dedication. If you want to work less, that’s fine too. Either way, you will be rewarded based on a transparent and principled compensation system for the work you do.

We hire dedicated, self-motivated lawyers and staff who do not require our constant supervision to do their jobs. Open communication and the effective use of technology help us to ensure that client interests remain paramount. Subject to the needs of the case, claim or matter and the need for in-office collaboration and training, we try to accommodate your preference for how much you work from the office or from home. Time is precious, and if you are able to perform without the inefficiencies of a lengthy commute some days, that’s a win for all of us.


If you are transitioning into private practice after time spent as an in-house attorney, as a stay-at-home parent, or in the military or other service, we will help you to develop a plan to succeed. We help you to transition at your own pace, allowing you to refresh your legal skills and knowledge as appropriate as you gradually increase the intensity of your practice.


If you have an established book of profitable business or the entrepreneurial drive to develop one, you will like our credit-for-business policy. The formula is transparent and predictable. Our focus on keeping costs down allows you to keep more of the profit from your labor and the labor of others working with your clients. We are in this together, and our credit-for-business formula rewards everyone who is instrumental in originating, maintaining and increasing profitable work.


Our IT provides you with seamless access to everything you need to conduct business from anywhere with an Internet connection — your files, documents and document management software, and productivity software and VoIP softphone are available from your laptop and mobile device. We provide top-tier software- and hardware-based data security with a focus on end-user best practices to enhance security and empower our users.

All work product produced by the firm is subject to quality review. We do not ask our clients to pay for substandard quality or inefficiency. If the work is not up to standards, you need to fix it on your time. If you are inefficient or unfocused, we do not bill the excess time. If you have paid your dues and learned your craft, you will thrive in this environment.

Consistent with our emphasis on quality control, we meet weekly as part of our ongoing in-house CLE to work through challenging issues and develop solutions as a team. We provide best practices for everything from presenting motions to deposing adverse witnesses to writing effective briefs. We expect everyone in the firm to strive to be better all the time.

Thanks for reading this. Let us know if you think that we might be a good fit for you.